Wednesday, March 21, 2012

sent out my 105th mailout today--it happens to be my ABSOLUTE last mailout for this year's spring was to Stephen drew....i also got back my 50th return and 35th success yesterday...all divisible by 5...ha...hopefully that will change when i get home today!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mitch Moreland

Joe Kelly

Okay, I've been collecting baseball cards for probably 5 years, and this is the first time I've ever pulled and un-guaranteed this I mean, I've never gotten a jersey or auto out of a pack of cards unless it said "one auto or jersey per box" after hundreds of $$$ spent to Topps, I finally get a hit..#'d 1:59...was SOOO excited...even if I've never heard of him I was so happy!!  It was my first box of Bowman Prospects & Rookies...and I have to say I like getting all rookies and prospects...will definitely be buying this more often...

BTW--this isn't my card...same one, but i just took the pic from ebay...I think my sig looks better, but...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Milwaukee Brewers signed ball..."B" team

went to the game on friday and was setting up for the was a split squad, however, and we got all of the non starters and invites...i got a ball full though--about 15 different guys some were: brooks conrad, logan schafer, caleb gindl, marco estrada, mike mcclendon, Patrick Arlis, Eric Farris, Edwin Maysonet, plus a few others who didn't put there #'s...let me know if any of these guys are any good--i'd appreciate it...thanks

Jordan Zimmerman

Dirk Nowitzki

Heath Bell

Chris Tomlin

Marquis Grissom

Charley Trippi

Mark Reynolds

Mark is on the top w/ #27 inscripted...

Adam LaRoche

Carlos Quentin

Carlos is on top...Chris Snyder is right below him...and I have no clue who's on the bottom.

Bob Boone

Frank Thomas

Gail Harris

Nolan Ryan

Duke Snider

Mike Stoops

Nick Foles

Mel Stottlemyer Jr.

Miguel Montero

Max Scherzer

Brooks Robinson

Lou Boudreau


Ketia Swanier


Sequoia Holmes

Dewanna Bonner

Hawk Nelson


Britt Nicole

Building 429