Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Alex Rodriguez

Some last second quick bids got me this gem for barely over $20!  Even with the controversy, A-Rod used to be my favorite player, and so I had to take advantage of this great deal.  It is also signed on a Joe Dimaggio Day Baseball which is really awesome as well!

Jim Thome

Got this on Ebay for a mere $1.50.  Awesome deal!

Sarah Robles

It was nice to receive a TTM auto again!  It's been awhile since one of these has graced my mailbox...

Friday, December 20, 2013

Kevin Whelan

Mark Redman

Tyler Kolodny

Jeremy Guthrie

Garrett Gould

Ray Durham

Josh Butler

Corey Brown

Rafael Furcal

Orlando Cepeda

Another one of my $5.00 Ebay bids...this is another great addition to my collection!

Warren Spahn

Got this beaut as an early Christmas Present!  Looks even more amazing in person.

Eddie Matthews

I did some holiday Ebay shopping, and was able to grab this gem for about $5.00 plus shipping!  Cool new item that I'm happy to add to my collection!

Paige McPherson