Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If you fail, try try again...at something else

        The Houston Astros, unproud owners of the worst record in baseball(by six games), definitely are doing there best in this aspect.  Last week while vacationing in San Diego, I went and saw the Padres play the Astros.  Of course they got swept horribly in all four games and both teams played like crap when I was there, but did I care??  Well, not really.  I wasn't really rooting for either team, but I was excited at how friendly the Astros team was with the fans.  I mean it wasn't like there were throngs of people asking for autographs, at the most like ten behind the dugout, but still.
       When I got all-star second baseman Jose Altuve, I was the ONLY one standing there.  I remember just last month at an Angels' game and there was a freakin' stampede when Albert Pujol's came over to sign as well as Trout.  Yes, I understand they're not quite the same caliber, but still.
       Anyway, I got a total of 9 autographs from 8 different players.  Including some pretty good players like Altuve, Norris, and Rodriguez. I haven't got that many autos since a "Minor league" Spring Training game.  Maybe it was because there were only like 3 people standing around, but Wandy Rodriguez jogged from leftfield during BP to sign a few.  NEVER, have I EVER seen a ballplayer go terribly out of his way.  I mean you have to catch them on the foul line and then it's a huge thing to ask.  Some of the guys stood at the dugout steps for 20 minutes signing and talking to fans---never seen that either, especially when the player actually starts the conversation.  Usually all you get back is a grunt or if you're lucky, maybe a "thanks", or "sure thing".  But these guys were starting actual conversations with us!  I was amazed.

       The only person to shun us was Brett Myers who apparently never signs.  One guy told me to just throw his card away because he wouldn't sign it.  I even surprised myself by asking Mr. Altuve to take his picture with me, but the Padres were already running onto the field and he had to go.  That's another thing, these guys stayed out until the game had started....it was so cool.  One last thing and I'll leave the Astros alone: one kid had a sign asking for a ball.  Three-hole hitter Scott Moore came over and started talking to him and said that the kid had to talk to him before getting the ball.  They talked for a few minutes and then Moore gave the kid the ball.  What an awesome squad!
       In essence Astros, one of these days, when you actually scrape the scum of last place off of your butts, keep the same enthusiasm for you're fans---it'll go a long way.

Here's my list, you can click on the names to see  the autos:
Jose Altuve
J. A. Happ
Wilton López
Justin Maxwell
Scott Moore

Bud Norris
Wandy Rodriguez
Jordan Schafer

I've also run into several autos recently, but since my ttm's are scarce these days, I'm going to spread them out over the next few weeks or so.  These include trades, purchases and a library bookroom find.

Jose Altuve

Wandy Rodriguez

Signed Astros ball: Scott Moore, Justin Maxwell, Jordan Schafer, Wilton López

(Top picture) Justin Maxwell, Scott Moore, Jordan Schafer
(bottom picture) Wilton López

Bud Norris

J.A. Happ

Due to having to throw them across the top of a dugout with only a clipped on Sharpie for protection, the heritage has a slight crease on the top right-middle.  Also, the 2010 topps is bubbled horribly...another reason why heritage and A&G are the best.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ryan Dempster

Don't Know when I sent off for this, but it was an email request.  Didn't come with a COA like others, but I'm pretty sure it's authentic.
I got this a little later, click HERE for that story.