Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012 Bowman

I'm going to do something here that I've never done before.  But, considering the overall hatred of Bowman, and my newfound love of it, I thought I could give you a box break summary.  Now, this isn't your normal huge break, just two blasters and ten random hobby packs ( four of which only contained 8 cards...still waiting on topps for that).
First of all, I believe Bowman to be a fairly good deal.  Since topps chrome only contains 4 cards, this basecally puts 8 bowman base at $1.50...considering prices I would say this is fairly good.  Also, for TTM'er, I really enjoy the prospects, considering they will sign more willingly than a proclaimed star.  This being said, I also like the scarcity of insert cards.  It seemed half a pack of topps were insert cards of political figures and animals...I'm buying BASEBALL CARDS here topps, not GOP candidate cards....REALLY?!?!?!  Also, I like the odds of pulling relics, and autos.  Before bowman, I couldn't pulll a hit for anything, but now it seems like every time I buy some, I pull an auto.  Okay, so here's to my pictureless cards:

Blaster #1:
Nothing to talk about except a Matt Lipka Auto.

Blaster #2:
Gold Yu Darvish RC
Chrome Bryce Harper prospect card
Brett Lawrie RC

10 Hobby Packs:
Tyler Anderson Orange parallel Auto # to 250
purple refractor # to 200
Jesus Montero international RC
Yu Darvish RC
Gerrit Cole prospect card
blue parallel card # to 500

So all in all, pretty good I would say...LMK about your breaks.


  1. You know I really like this year's design of Bowman. I think the reason I dislike Bowman so much is the set collector in me hates the numbering system they use. That and the fact that they have Bowman Chrome in the product and then go and release a whole product of Bowman Chrome. Anywho. Just wanted to say I love the blog. I think I found it through one of your posts over at Sports Card Forum, but if you want to get a few more followers I'd email JayBee over at the Sports Card Blog Roll and he'll add you to the list, it's a great site. http://bdj610scblogroll.blogspot.com

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment! I mainly buy it for the sake of TTMing prospects, but this year Harper, Darvish, Cespedes, and all those other guys were a little more of an insentive. Plus like I said above, can't complain about my recent streak of hits!