Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weird Stuff Done TTM by HOF'ers

Well, after getting 12 autos in 7 days last week, I have only gotten one all of this week.  I guess the law of averages works with TTM's as well as baseball.  I did get one failure today that I wanted to throw in here: Neil Walker.  Sent a PP.  Fortunately, he sent back my SASE so not all was lost.  Since I haven't posted in a while, I figured I could do this post that I've wanted to do for a here goes nothing:

HOF'ers can be interesting in there TTMing manners.  Over the last year, I've heard of a few, so I wanted to put them here.

Al Kaline, a great player for the Tigers lost a fan a few months back.  Not because of a scandal that emerged, but of his TTM conduct.  Here is PoseyBumgarner's quote from SCF "I sent him a SASE, nice fan letter, $5, and a card. Received card unsigned and $5 cut into three pieces with scissors. So much for my favorite player :("  Poor Mr. PoseyBumgarner (can't you just here the shock in his voice??)...if you take it to the bank, they'll give you a nice new 5 dollar bill if you want to try again.  Or you could just send it back the way it is...

Whitey Ford is notoriously known for his desire for cash in the TTM business(all though he's lately signed a few for free).  I couldn't find the post, but I remember one time, Mr. Ford cashed a dude's check, but never sent an autograph back.  After being questioned and basically fighting via USPS, Mr. Ford sent back a $20 check to this man.  I'd rather have a signed check than $20...don't know about you.  And then in a note, Mr. Ford basically told this poor man to never write him, old ballplayers can be pretty gruff at times.

But, just when you think all generosity and goodness has left the money-grabbing HOF"ers, here's a story of hope and peace for all to enjoy.

Phil Niekro  usually always charges, but I guess goodwill surpassed the dollar signs as a joyous JayHo7284 proclaims the good news: "Sent fee & baseball...returned ball signed & inscribed with HoF year. Even returned my money & my pen! TY!"  

Well, I guess there still is goodness in the world...fortunately for us stingy TTM'ers, there's always the Bobby Doerrs and Jim Bunnings to pad our HOF collections wirh.  So, with that being said, "Happy graphing to all, and to all...uhhh...a good trip to the mail box???"

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