Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TTM'ing Phone number Quandary

Quandary: NOUN 
dilemma: a state of uncertainty or indecision as to what to do in a difficult situation

Now that we've got that out of the way, you might be wondering, "Aren't TTM's through the mail? What's with phone #'s?"  Well, I might be the only one, but have you ever been manually searching for an address
say on whitepages or something like that, and you somehow stumble upon the persons digits?  I've had this happen a few times and being myself, I automatically right them down.  I then fully intend on calling them, but then...well, it seems kindof creeperish to just call some random famous person up, and be like, "Hey! How ya doin'?  Was just searching you online and found your # and wanted to call you up and say 'Hi'."  Uhhhhh....No, that just doesn't work out.  You gotta at least have a legit reason like, "Hey, I'm the head reporter for my highschool paper, and was wondering if we could chat for a sec."  Still a little weird, but you just can't let it go.  Until finally, it's months later and you still haven't come up with a good reason to call, and you just forget about it.

Is this just a me thing, or has it happened to you?  I'd appreciate some advice on this one!

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