Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tucson Padres

Went to a game the other night.  Thought I was getting there before the gates even opened to do some graphing, but got there just in time for the first pitch.  Guess I didn't get the memo about them having a double  header!!!  Oh well, got autos before the second game, and after the last one.  Got about 15 autos, luckily it was a promo night, and I got a pack of Tucson Padres cards.  Didn't have one, so that was nice.  The gem tonight was getting Terry Kennedy.  

I got Dravecky to sign this card TTM a while ago and was hoping for this opportunity.  Looks pretty nice if I do say so myself!

 Russ Ohlendorf

Steve Webber

Jonathan Roof

Andy Parrino

Vince Belnome

Anthony Contreras

Cody Decker

Erik Hamren

Colt Hynes

Jason Ray

Jorge Reyes

Bob Skube

Blake Tekotte

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